The Christopher Andrews Retrospective 2013: Comments and Press …..


Christopher Andrews Retrospective 2013: Comments…..

‘It’s been a privelege to see this work brought together – which deserves a place in Art History’

(Pip Sanday- 14/4/13)

‘Wonderful to see at last! Very pleasing’

Wendy T

‘It’s a wonderful show and thanks to Gideon for doing this great job. The Video and Audio were awesome! I really enjoyed being here and Chris deserves recognition!!’

(Olga Gimenez Traver- 15/4/13)

‘Interesting work that inspires (me) to keep going with some ideas’

(Raquel Albanan)

‘An awesome tribute to my friend Chris’

(Justin Bradshaw)

‘Wonderful exhibition. Christopher certainly is a light in the sky’

(Chris Krustaitikn)


‘Gideon you did my Chris proud in the way you displayed his work’

(Annie Andrews)

‘Well Done!’

(Helen Horridge)

‘Thank you. A lovely tribute to a very talented Artist-
Well Done’

(Becca Harvey)

…. adding ‘This does make me want to go home and create ‘

‘Really appreciated seeing this work’

(S. Mans)

‘Thank you for the invitation Gideon…. now I’ll read more about Chris Andrews. Well Done!’

(Latifa, France)

‘What a beautiful exhibition- captures Chris so well’


‘Very stimulating collection of work, well presented here’

(Martin Watson)

‘Thank you Wendy and Gideon for all your hard work and determination in organising Chris’s exhibition. He would be so proud’

(Caroline Andrews)

‘Thank you, a excellent exhibition…. very interesting, was’nt expecting the vast range, drawings & abstract work’

(Jane Taylor)

‘I Like it! It’s fabulous! Vous deusiez le montrei en France’

(Adele Maupim)

‘A powerful transmission of (the artist’s) thoughts and feelings. Very interesting work!’

(Julia Dixon)

‘A moving life. Hope the images live on’

(Helen Dixon)

Press and online coverage of Christopher Andrews : Retrospective 2013…..

Features, articles, interviews
South Wales Echo (Thursday 11th April 2013) see slideshow for images
Western Mail (Friday 12th April 2013) see slideshow for images
(Cardiff – Monday 15th April 2013) see slideshow for images
Wales Online
Top 5 things to do in Cardiff
Top 5 things to do in Wales
Female Arts
Creative Cardiff
SuperAlchemy article on Chris exhibition marketing and design
Gideon Hall curator 
Female Arts
interview Gideon Hall

What’s On Where 24/7
What’s On Wales
The List
What’s On Cardiff
View Cardiff
Cardiff Harbour
It’s On Cardiff

Youtube video by curator
Sponsume sponsorship appeal
South Wales Art Society
Norwegian Church Arts Centre


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